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Monkey and Me is the home of handmade Sock Monkey in Australia. We post sock monkeys all over the world so distance is no barrier. You can own a sock monkey where ever you live! Monkey and Me is a boutique online children’s toy shop creating unique handmade sock monkeys and specialising in bringing a smile to any age person. If you're looking for great and unique handmade gifts, you've found the right spot. 

Monkey and Me pride ourselves on the variety and colours of our sock monkeys and our ability to help you buy a gift that will be unique, loved and bring instant happiness to the sock monkey’s new owner. Monkey and Me is based in Perth Australia. The idea to make a monkey out of socks is not original, the design of our sock monkey face is and has copyright protection. 

Sock monkeys are handmade from one brand new pair of socks. Sock monkeys have a long and gorgeous history. Sock monkeys are toys that have been keeping babies, kids, children and people of all ages company for a long time.

Did you know that sock monkeys were originally filled with corn husks?

Parents face the challenge in a toy market flooded with thousands of gorgeous, fun, colourful, entertaining and toys all aiming to be in the top 10 list to find a toy for their kids that will be unique. Sock monkeys have their own personalities just like the kids or people who receive a sock monkey as a handmade christmas gift. A sock monkey makes a great birthday present!

The challenge you will face is selecting a sock monkey that you love more than the other sock monkeys available for adoption from Monkey and Me. You will find a range of bright, colourful, cheeky, friendly and loveable sock monkeys on this page. The range of toy sock monkeys depends on the availablity of socks. Some socks are really hard to find again. At Monkey and Me we love to use only the best socks for our monkeys. If a sock monkey is in the limited edition range, you may never see a monkey like that again. 

Venturing into the Monkey and Me orphanage does have its risks. You may fall in love with more than one sock monkey. You may find yourself adopting a sock monkey intending it to be a gift for a baby shower and keeping it for yourself. We understand, so we have free shipping. That's right, completely free shipping, no matter where you live. Sock monkeys are the latest unique handmade gift that will be the stand out and must have christmas stocking filler in 2014. 

Sock monkeys get their uniqueness and originality because the monkeys are handmade. This means they are not like other toys. Monkeys need gentle hugs and lots of love rather than rough play. We emphasise adult supervision is required, for the monkey’s protection. Too much love can find a sock monkey loved to pieces. Please be gentle with your sock monkey.

2014 is going to be a big year for Monkey and Me. We have established ourselves as the home of the handmade sock monkey in Australia. And now we post to countries all over the world. If you would like a sock monkey and you live in New Zealand, USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, Netherlands or the United Kingdom, we will post a sock monkey to you for free! Monkey and Me is the place to find a popular handmade gift.

We love receiving wholesale toy orders from giftware shops looking for the next big toy in 2014. We expect to see a Monkey and Me sock monkey in the Top 10 christmas gifts for kids lists. As we have a very limited supply and our sock monkeys are the most unique and gorgeous sock monkey (in our opinion!) we have to pick very carefully who we wholesale sock monkeys to. If you have a boutique children's B&M toy store, Monkey and Me sock monkey invasion could be coming your way. 

We are always excited about Christmas. Please buy your christmas presents early, we have no idea how high demand will be for our best sock monkeys. Now is a great time to buy a handmade monkey and me sock monkey. 

We have already starting sending out sock monkeys to super organised christmas gift shoppers. Sock Monkeys are being used as christmas stocking fillers in 2014. We're so excited the sock monkeys are being considered one of the Top 10 christmas gifts in 2014. A sock monkey is a great gift idea for kids and children, at Monkey and Me we've been sending monkeys to adults too. A sock monkey makes such a unique handmade present. Please venture into the Monkey and Me orphanage if you're keen for a gift that that has the homemade feel but not the price tag. 

We are preparing to have enough sock monkeys for handmade wholesale requests. The monkeys are well suited for gift shops who love to capture what's new and trending gift ideas. Please see the wholesale tab to pop through your wholesale sock monkey request. Can't wait to hear from you!

Ask yourself, have you seen a toy as cute, unique and as cool as the Sock Monkeys from Monkey and Me?

You will never look at your socks the same way again after seeing how cute the monkeys here are. 

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