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In every bad situation there is good. The sock monkeys are the something good. 

Half way through a pregnancy we found out that our baby had a condition not compatible with life called Trisome 18 (we had to Google it too!) To celebrate the life of our beautiful baby girl Poppy who was too precious for this earth, my best friend sent us a gorgeous handmade doll. The doll is treasured and also inspiring. So with an empty calendar, a need to keep busy, basic sewing skills and a long standing love of all stripey things, the sock monkeys started appearing. (You should see the ears on the first one!)

Eventually there were enough sock monkeys to begin Monkey and Me. Watch this space to see what exciting adventures the monkeys go on and exciting developments at Monkey and Me.

The sock monkeys are so cute and have brought so much happiness when it was needed most. We know they’ll do the same for whoever adopts one. 


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